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Revolutionising the way you interact.

Kiriata designs and deploys end-to-end digital signage solutions for businesses that want to educate, interact and delight clients and customers in real time.

Kiriata is an experienced brand and design agency that has helped establish and scale businesses for over 8 years.

Through our partnership with Enplug® – Kiriata offers end-to-end digital signage solutions that allow businesses of any size to utilise displays in-store for customer marketing, or in the office for employee communications.

Our digital signage solutions allow you to engage your audience in real time with content such as automatically filtered live social media feeds and walls, news, digital menus, live streaming, staff collaboration tools as well as graphics and video. You can even pre-schedule content in advance and manage it from a single location, or have us manage and create it for you.

Deploy Digital Signage how and where you want.

There are countless ways to engage with your audience using a Kiriata Digital Signage Solution.
Supported Displays

Kiriata’s digital display devices work with virtually any screen type – HD Displays, Video Walls, Projectors, Touch Screens, Kiosks, Transparent LED Screens and even Jumbotrons in vertical or horizontal orientation.

Content & Applications

Rapidly deploy standard graphics and video combined with real time content such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds and interactive social media boards, Youtube live streams and so much more with our platforms App Store.


Behind the Checkout

To entertain and up-sell at the counter.


To inform and provide specifications.

Conference Rooms

For collaboration and schedules.

In Lifts & Lobbies

For breaking news or directories.

Staff Break Rooms

For company announcements.

In Store Windows

To drive foot traffic into the store.

Within Product Reach

To inform, up-sell or cross-sell.


For safety regulation reminders.

In Cafes & Restaurants

As menu boards and daily specials.

Events & Conferences

For attendee and speaker content.

In Store Displays

For promotion and merchandising.

In Fitting Rooms

To influence buyer decisions.

Information Booths

To provide guidance and instruction.

Childcare Centres

For announcements and photo walls.

In Support Centres

To display statistics and dashboards.

Trusted by some of the worlds most innovative brands to perform.

We use the Enplug® DisplayOS Dashboard, Content Management System and
Digital Display Devices as our chosen platform because it works.


Over 40% of shoppers say that digital displays can change what they buy at the point of purchase.

Digital signage has a recall rate of 83%, with 8/10 consumers compelled to enter a store after viewing a digital screen.

Engagement increases up to 70% with digital signage, including a 24% increase in foot traffic.

Brand awareness increases up to 31% with digital signage advertising and displays.

Digital Signage changes the way we interact.

Why you should consider shifting from static to a real-time digital media experience for clients and customers.

  • Save on print and content production costs, and leverage your existing digital marketing and creative collateral, assets and teams.
  • Expose consumers to promotions based on location, season, time and product strategy.
  • Showcase products not in-store to reduce inventory and execute cross/up-sell opportunities.
  • Provide effective way finding, signage, kiosk and directory solutions that can adapt as needed.
  • Allow clients and customers to interact with your brand in real time, and leverage social media engagement strategies with followers and brand ambassadors.
  • Attract new customers with immersive media, or provide them with appealing and relevant content in-store.
  • Deploy HR initiatives into workplace environments to engage and educate employees.
Why choose a Kiriata Digital Signage Solution?

We provide our clients with some distinct solution and deployment advantages.

  • We offer self-managed, curated and creative solutions.
  • Clients can use their existing displays.
  • We offer standard and complex installation services.
  • We offer one of the worlds most trusted high-availability digital media management platforms, coupled with onsite devices that continue to play if your internet goes down and automatically synchronises when you’re back online.
  • We supply and install commercial grade digital screens as standard – not consumer grade screens that are not designed for digital advertising.
  • Social media streamed across displays is automatically profanity filtered.

Need more information?

For more information, or to discuss how a Kiriata Digital Signage Solution can improve the way you interact with your audience, increase sales and position your brand, please use the form below.


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