Our Process

Regardless of where a brands journey begins, our client projects follow a creative process focused on predictable outcomes and outstanding creative results.

Stage 01


Preliminary meetings and briefings that capture the purpose, objectives, content requirements, components and deliverables of a project (in-part or entirety).

Within this stage we look to understand the overall objectives and impacts related to the work, and take into account existing market and competitive conditions, as well as overarching business, commercial, marketing and brand strategies.

Stage 02


Translating discussions, briefings and research from the Discovery stage into concepts, visual influences, art direction, design strategy and creative tone.

The Ideation stage of the creative process is the translation of discussions, briefings, assessments and independent research into creative works that conceptualise the project deliverables for the brand.

Within this stage we look to present concepts and/or situational designs with corresponding visual influences, artwork direction, identity positioning and word associations to ensure that we have captured a briefs project objectives.

Stage 03


Developing the agreed ideation and concept direction into designs that incorporate collaborative client influences.

The Development stage is responsible for amalgamating the conceptual design direction chosen by a client with collaborative client inputs, requests or influences.

Within this stage we look to shift from purely ‘conceptual’ design to ‘actualised’ design by creating works that address the individual design requirements of each of deliverable within the projects Scope of Works. Unlike the Ideation stage of the design process which focuses on design direction, themes and concepts, the development stage is focused on executing agreed design.

Stage 04


Compiling all approved designs into final finished artwork for production or execution into other forms of physical or digital media.

The Finalisation stage of the design process is responsible for delivering finished artwork and designs into formats and specifications that align with the production of project deliverables.

Within this stage we look to finalise all artwork into end-product formats that can be executed into physical items such as printed materials; digital items such as electronic brochures, websites and advertisements; and design assets such as logos, logotypes, brand and identity guidelines, etc.

Stage 05


The production, project management and execution of finalised creative designs and artwork into the required formats and deliverables.

Execution is one of the most important stages of a client project, as it is the production of the projects deliverables through the coordination of multiple internal and external teams or 3rd party service partners and suppliers.

Within the Execution stage we look to manage and coordinate the production of project deliverables within the standards set for the brands architecture, noting that deliverables may have diverse requirements – ranging from simple print production through to very complex requirements such as a websites or mobile applications.

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